The Finale of LOST

I was very excited to sit down and watch the finale of LOST  last night. And for almost two hours plus I was thrilled. Then the show wrapped up and I was extremely let down. I have had some time to think about it and wanted to share some thoughts

1 I get what happened. I understand it. No confusion here. I know what happened on the island was real that the other plane escaped and they lived at least a decent amount of time to have Kate really missing Jack and that Hugo and Ben watched over the island for a good amount of time to form a bond. I also understand that the flash sideways existed outside of time and was created when the last of the group died.

2. I saw Jack dying and Hurley being the true candidate last week. It was a gut feeling and while I hated to see Jack die I was ok with it

3. What really disappointed me was that the writers went some where that  I never thought they would go.  This show had me for a couple of reasons a0 unexplained phenomenon and fringe scientific theory. The time travel and alternate realities really had my juices flowing. And I fully expected the series to sum up in that way. Instead what we learned was that while we were led to believe that the explosion at the Beginning of the Final Season somehow splintered time and reality, it did not. For the whole season we have been wondering about this alternate reality and how it would merge and what changed as a result of the islands destruction and what we found out was that we were duped because none of what was going on in that timeline was real.  The finality of the characters ruined the show for me because the show WAS the characters. I was less concerned about the answers of the island as I was about the angst of the characters and what we have now is only a few that remained alive and then when they died they all reunite in a dream world. It was all very sappy and predictable to me. I have come to expect more twists and turns cliffhangers and wow moments from the writers and this was a “come on!” moment.  To be honest I don’t care what happened after they died. I don’t care if they moved on to a higher spiritual plane. I think they over reached.

4. What I did like. The defeat of the smoke monster, the redemption of Ben, The final scene with the eye of Jack closing in the same place where he opened his eyes in the pilot, The return of Bernard and Rose. and the salvation of Claire.

5 What I would have liked to see instead.  The alternative reality actually been reality, then the characters could move on in reality with the knowledge of what happened on the island and been full and complete people in their new lives Or all the characters die on the island only to be replaced by their alternate reality selves

6. Other options I would have accepted easier. A time loop created where the characters are doomed to repeat the cycle over and over for eternity or the characters being teleported back to the beginning of the island and being the ones that built the temple.

I was left feeling cheated and let down. It ended to easy and to sweet and too “perfect” for what I felt Lost was all about. I know others see it differently and disagree with me but art’s value is in the eye of the one observing and in this eye it was lack-luster

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  1. I totally agree. I felt a bit cheated with the Lost ending. I keep feeling like I missed something, or there will be a surprise post finale finale. Great show… goofy ending.

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