“Over the years, I have watched Jason build and cultivate life-changing relationships with the youth in his church and their families, but his heart reaches beyond those walls into our schools and community. He works hard to tear down walls of division as he communicates the Gospel by living it out. As a multi-talented pastor and active husband and father, it is clear that Jason’s ministry to his family, church, and community flows from a heart at peace with God. We love having Jason speak in our church. His passionate, solid, Christ-centered ministry is always received well. I’m honored to call him my friend.

Tony Moore, Lead Pastor Transformation House Greenville, SC

“Jason is a dynamic speaker with a passion for working with youth.  His messages are always Biblically based and applicable.  His insight has proven helpful for me and the students time and time again.  I know I always walk away closer to God after hearing Jason speak.”  

Nick Elliot, Teacher and FCA Huddle Coach, Woodmont High School

I have watched Jason grow from his first week at Reedy Fork! I was the band mom who sent out the letter asking for help with meals to ALL the churches in the area, got a response from Jason immediately…(I didn’t know computers were THAT fast!). After that first year, Jason made a mission commitment for Reedy Fork that was unheard of! To feed the band for Band Camp as long as he was Youth Minister! I was in tears..to know that a Youth Minister was willing to take that step of faith meant he had faith in his Lord and his Church. This wasn’t in another big city… It was right here in our backyard in Piedmont. From there he became involved in Christian Release Time with us at Woodmont Middle School reaching even more youth. We are fortunate here in South Greenville to be rich in persons willing to work with our youth, but blessed to have Jason here to top off the cake! He has treaded water “against the stream” at times, but his faith and Gods Word has carried him through! Thank you Jason for remaining faithful to our community and to God..our community needs people like you!

Jone Gualt, Woodmont Community Resident and Volunteer 

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