Of Course It Would

I talk to a lot of people about transitions.  Many people really struggle making a decision that will require them to make a transition.  Whether that be a personal or professional decision they feel torn between staying put or forging a new path.  A common reasoning that they go through is the faulty logic of  “I am really seeing results” or “things are really going well” or for us ministry folks “God is really doing something”.

Those reasons sound good but this is self examination time.  Who are you? Are you a strong person motivated to do well even when things are tough? Do you take on tasks with a great attitude? Are you a spiritually devoted person following God seeking to serve Him?  If you answered yes then why would you expect anything beyond success. When it is time for transition you don’t just flip the switch off and become bad at your job and everyone around you doesn’t become worthless all at once.  The reason things are working well is because of who you are.   When it is time to move on what you have to ask yourself is not whether or not you are being succesful but if there is something else that would stretch, motivate and utilize you more or in a better way.

It could be a change of job or change of career. Maybe a change in your location or a change in your title.  It really doesn’t matter but the question is are you pursuing what God has in store for you or are you settling for what is safe and comfortable. God isn’t about safe and comfortable just ask Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and the apsotles

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