UNleash Mind Dump (Part 2)

I was supposed to do this yesterday but I took the day off and spent some quality time with my wife which was much needed.  I probably have never said this here but my wife ROCKS (and is hot to boot)

Ok here it goes

  • God can give you a sloppy wet kiss or a big fat kick….it’s his prerogative
  • If you are a pastor every week the rocks are coming…people will want to stone you
  • Acts 14:8-10 Paul heals a man—- that is a Great day in ministry
  • Be careful listening to the crowd. Those that deify will crucify
  • Acts 14:11-19 Paul is stoned— Yeah pretty much a bad day in ministry
  • Acts 14:20 Paul continues on—-Call to every pastor
  • They stoned Paul…..the pastor…not any of the support staff….the Pastor

3 Rocks that are thrown

  1. Deception
    • Pastors you do NOT have to do everything
    • The Bible says those that will not work are LAZY but those who will not rest are DISOBEDIENT
    • The second most abused person in the church is the Pastor’s wife
    • Pastor Jesus doesn’t need you to love HIS bride he needs you to love YOURS
    • Pastor you will never impress your wife with your job performance…
  2. Distraction
    • Churches have a lot of agendas other than Jesus
    • God is not green….. Kermit is
    • Pastors, your people can believe in you and go to hell or believe in Jesus and be saved
    • God can use us because we were barren and worthless and He could receive the most glory from us
    • Pastor you will never impress your wife with your job performance…
  3. Discouragement

3 words to remember

  1. Awareness
    • We make mistakes because we are unaware
  2. Unity
    • We have too many HUGE Understandings in the church
    • Lead with integrity be who God called you to be not some stereotype
    • Get big vision from God stop trying to push yours
    • Listen to your staff they are called to do their jobs not to have you do it for them
    • Keep short accounts do not hold on to bitterness
    • Make expectations clear and realistic
    • Honor your staff’s time they have families too
  3. Passion
    • If you can’t support the vision of your church get off the team
    • If your pastor is disobedient then let God cut him down (that is HIS job)
    • When a pastor has staff and leadership that gather around him he will be able to get up no matter what stones have hit him

1 Comment

  1. I was recommended this blog by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is
    written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty.

    You’re wonderful! Thanks!

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