The Final Unleash Word

After all was said and done I LOVED Unleash. I have a new respect for NewSpring Church and affirmed respect for Perry Noble. That being said I wanted to address the controversial jab that Perry made at his critics during the second session.  If you weren’t there and haven’t heard let’s just leave it as “rude”.  I have talked with several people about it and some of the reactions bothered me.

First let me say personally that I believe it was way over the line.  It is one thing to refute a claims validity or a persons integrity but when you get personal I think you need to take a step back.  But as we do with so many things we cannot just look at a sliver of the pie and get the whole story.

1. Perry is brash that is what makes him successful as a preacher, he tackles things in a very open way and speaks his mind and people like that. With that type of personality comes slip ups.  Just as with an adrenaline junkie there will be broken bones.

2. Perry has been under constant fire for a long time. Eventually that takes its toll and the thick skin is broken. I think that is what I saw and heard Thursday

3. Someone made the statement that it ruined the whole message. Listen if one sin in a persons life can ruin the message then you are either idolizing a man and are dismayed because he isn’t perfect or you are looking for imperfection so as to not have to listen. Truth is truth and there is no way around it

4.  No blogger or stranger is going to call Perry out and get him to apologize or change.  He is a pastor of a HUGE church and every DAY there are probably HUNDREDS of complaints that their church has to field. What has to happen is that someone in a position of trust needs to say something OR God needs to convict.  All of us on the outside looking in simply need to pray for one of those two things to happen

5. Just to let you know, Perry is human…… Just saying

6. I don’t know a pastor that doesn’t struggle with sin. Some just do a better job of keeping it hidden. Perry is Perry and at least you know where he stands

Those are my thoughts.  After ministering in churches over the last ten years I have seen a lot and I can honestly say that the good always comes with bad. It never changes.  I will continue to thank God for churches like NewSpring and pray that their leadership will stay close to Him.

Finally I doubt that Pastor Perry will EVER find this hole in the wall blog but if he does let me say this:

Pastor I am one insignificant blogger that sees you as a great man of God still growing and maturing in your faith, something that we all continue to do.While I don’t always agree with you I definitely support you and admire you. Thanks for being obedient and for influencing a generation of believers and pastors.  Keep up the good work and know that there are bloggers out there that won’t rip you to shreds.

Well that wraps up my thoughts on Unleash I have a lot to process and will be chewing on these things for a while.

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  1. Often, to be great is to be misunderstood…He sounds like the type of minister I enjoy hearing, who’s not afraid to “go there”.

    Bless You! Jeff

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