Unleash Mind Dump (Part 1)

So I went to UNLEASH at NewSpring  today and let me say……AMAZING. I am very inspire and ready to charge hell with a water pistol. So this is my mind dump and recap of the highlights.

  • Don’t be a parent who let’s your fears hold your children back–this does apply to church and how we do it people
  • God takes us to the edge and says JUMP
  • If we won’t jump the next generation will– and we will resent them for it
  • The Church should be leading innovation and outdoing the likes of NBC Disney and Microsoft cause we have the one thing they don’t the Holy Spirit
  • 4 Factors we need to embrace
  1. Desperation
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Recognition
  4. Strategy
  • God wants us exposed and vulnerable so that we HAVE to be DESPERATE  for Him (read Gen 34 and Josh 1-6)
  • If your church is following God your back will always be against the wall financially
  • Everybody loves progress, Sacrifice…..eh not so much
  • We are more concerned with attendance than repentance
  • What if God doesn’t want a person to enjoy your church service? What if He wants to make them mad, embarrassed UNCOMFORTABLE?
  • We will give our lives for our children and grandchildren but not our music style!
  • To many pastors are trying to impress other pastors and not preach the gospel truth
  • We have problems in the church because to many leaders don’t recognize Jesus when they see Him (Josh 5:13)
  • One size DOES NOT fit all— just ask Perry
  • There is one sure fire strategy- Listen to God do what He says.
  • If you really think numbers aren’t important stop counting the offering
  • We need to stop depending on the strategy of the moment and depend on the supernatural
  • If you can fully explain what is happening in your church then God isn’t involved enough

And that was just the first session!!! I will bring Part Two tomorrow. I will let you chew on that until then!!


  1. Hey Jason,
    I enjoyed reading your 2 Mind dumps from Unleashed. I keep saying that I am going to go next year but havent made the leap. You need to rem,ind me next year that I need to go. Maybe we can go down there together

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