Where Oh Where Have you Gone

It’s July!?!?    Wait what happened to June?!?!   Man this summer is flying by. We have had a crazy sumemr already Bible School wrapped up last week and it was pretty awesome. I will say that we did not reach our goals…didnt even come close but it was still great. I think we are establishing a rep of quality around here and that means a lot.   In just a few days I will betaking some tiome off to head home to Rock Hill SC. Gonna spend the fourth with my wife’s parents and then go to my home church on Sunday. Get refreshed a bit see some friends and maybe meet my buddy’s new baby….who is almost not a baby anymore. Then on Monday we are off to camp with the youth group. We have had some last minute additions and it has really filled us out. I am excited. Hope I can let you know some great things soon.

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