Leadership dilema

We have just returend from a great week of camp. There were many decisions and discussions that arose from what the staff at the camp prepared and presented.

But with everything there is always a negative side. This week was no different.  This week I saw the worst example of leadership I have ever been exposed to and it saddened me but also angered me.

There was a church in attendance who had just brought on a new youth pastor.   This new guy was not interested in attending this week but since it was already planned an payed for he was stuck.  And even though his group wanted to be there very much he was not willing to accept it. So rather than make the best of it he set out to ruin the whole week for everyone.  He started by bad mouthing everything and criticizing the staff and content. He then started skipping out on the sessions and adult Bible study times. Then he tried to take his group away and have them miss out on some important content . He  didn’t do it discreetly either. His own students knew exactly what was going on and asked thstaff to intervene.

This bothered me so much.  This is a man who is supposed to be a leader and it is actions and decisions like these that give Youth Pastors  a bad name.

This is what should have happened

1. Take advantage of the opportunity

You do not always get your way but when that happens you have to allow God to use it to His glory.

2. Submit yourself

When there are rules to be followed you should submit yourself to that authority. That is your chance to be an example

3. Be humble

There is no need for I told you so’s and malicious talk. Keep it to yourself or take it up with the camp leadership.

I know I am not perfect and I make lots of mistakes but being a baby about things is just ridiculous

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