Church Bully

After being in the ministry for ten years I ave learned to expect certain things in every church.  One of the people you will always encoutner is a church bully. I define a church bully as a singular church member who expects to have the final say in all matters whether or not they are informed about why certain things are being done.  In the comings and goings they will have their pet peeves or projects and will try to intimidate you into yeilding to their will.

This issue is not one to be taken too lightly.  Now you must be wise and pick your battles and you must recognize which issues are worth dying for.  But, there is a line that you must draw or you will find yourself hopelessly at the mercy of the bullies.   Bullies want control they think they  own the place and you for that matter. I have found that most church bullies think that the pastors are nothing more than employees and they the employer.   At some point you have to make a stand. If you do not your ministry will begin to suffer. The old adage goes “give the devil an inch and he will take a mile”.  When you give power ove ryou to someone the snowball effect begins to take place and one thing leads to another and you will find yourself with no ability to make decisions for yourself. One of the most important things in ministry is leadership and if you can not make decisions and be respected for them then you will spend more time spinning your wheels than you will making progress.

Say NO to the Church Bully

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