Jon and Kate

I want to begin by saying I hate the show.  I leave the room whenever it is on.  I hate how the personalities of both of the “stars”.  Whether it be reality or not Jon is portrayed as the whipped husband and Kate as the domineering wife. It bothers me.  That being said I was tired bored and curious when the encore of their “big announcement” came on last.  Our youth had just left our hosue afetr a VBS afterparty and the wife was chauffering one home. So I watched. It was like night and day.

I know one thing is certain. That reality television is not real. The producers take the worst of you and expose it to the world.   Last night they flipped the switch on the characters. Jonwas acting all bold and brazen and Kate was broken and humbled.  I do not judge who they are for I do not know them but found this blog by Walt Mueller very insightful. Being a neighbor of the family for a little while he saw things that were not captured by the cameras or at the least not put on TV.

I feel for the kids. The parents gave up and made a mess of their lives. They want to claim the show had nothing to do with it but we all have seen the changes that each have gone through.  The show gave them fame, money, notoriety, and respect.  They have books and speaking engagements and have drastically changed their appearance over the years. Weight loss, plastic surgery and hair styles all have manifested themselves and looking at the before and after shots how can anyone claim the show did not change them. How many non TV families actually can do those things…  I know we can’t.

Matthew 16:26 puts it best…

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

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