Do what works

You have heard that you cannot please everybody. It is very important to understand that when programming in ministry.

For far too long we have held the fantasy that programs draw people. They don’t programs simply get the people you have in activity.  But many churches and church have run themselves into the ground by relying to heavily on programs that do not work.

I have worn several hats in church.  I have overseen Education, Outreach, Children and Youth ministries as well as several unofficial roles.  I have done all sorts of programming some have succeeded and some have failed miserably.  The key to sustainable ministry is to recognize when your programs are not working and being ready to pull the plug.

Many people will not be happy when you pull the plug and they will have their various reasons. Some may have been influenced by a similar program some may have some connection to the program as a lkeader or a attendee or as a parent of an attendee. But the fact remains that if it isn’t working it will drain your energy time and finances.  Be smart be aware. God didn’t call us to have great programs but to reach people and if your programs aren’t working you are wasting your time and you aren’t fulfilling God’s call.

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