Correcting sometimes causes Chaos

Over the past few weeks I have learned that correcting causes chaos.   The story is that 6 months ago we set out how we would do our summer program. Then about 6 weeks a go we started  having some incidents. We made a massive course correction and thought we had our bases covered. Well unfortunately I wound up losing about 3/4ths of the volunteers I had in the fall and  we had to make another shift last week.  So it has been chaotic to say the least

Ultimately though you have to do what is for the good of the minsitry. If you cant keep adult leaders you cant do something that requires  a lot of adult supervision. If you under staf and something goers wrong then you are irresponsible.  Paents will be mad and may stop coming but in the end the kids are safer and you are better for it. And your reputation doesn’t take as big a hit.

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