One thing that amazes me as I examine the church today is how so  many people in dying churches refuse to see what is happening to them. I was out visiting a church member last night who had not been attending in the time I have been here.  As it turned out she was a third generation member of the church ut had left to attend a churchwith a young pastor and a more modern service.  In the conversation it was apparent that some of the older ones in the family had tried to convince her to come back home by talking up our church.  What I also sensed was that this was a futile conversation. She was genuinely happy where she was attending. 

Her story is similar to many of the people who have left this church. The question therefore should not be what can we do to get that person back but what are we dropping the ball on that is causing people to not be fulfilled.  When you go to your favorite resturant and you never get served eventually you will stop going.   SO waht are we not providing? Many in the church sit around whining about it and saying they don’t understand the fact of the matter is though that the answer usually is not so secret it is a unwillingness to own up to our own shortcomings. Or it is a stubborness to realize the need and time to change.

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