Raising the Bar Even When You Do Not Have To

I think it is safe to say that when beginning my ministry here at Reedy Fork I was walking into a situation that was not going to be easy per se. But I also think it is safe to say that the bar was set pretty low. Especially in the minds of many of the older children and their parents.  In the last few months as our ministry has grwon people have loaded lots of praise on the work that we are doing and have complimented me and attributed the success to my work. I do not say all of this to pat my own back. Although I probably could.

The issue at hand is not whether or not am I doing a good job but will I be satisfied with the job I am doing.  I find that it would be very easy to sit back and put everything on cruise control and hang out until God is finished with me here.  You may think this sounds ludicrous but it is the situation that many pastors and many churches have fallen into over the years. We build up lock in and slowly slow down withou realizing what we are losing.

THe real dilema is if, as a leader, I am able to raise the bar even when I do not HAVE to. Can I attempt to break the chains of what is considered excellent or exceptional and attempt to be even better?  Can  humble myself and bring to my mind to criticize my successes as well as my failures in order to acheive a greater ministry when no one EXPECTS me to?  Am I self motivated enough?

If we are to be doing everything for the kingdom of God as he has commanded we HAVE to continually raise the bar.

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