In Matthew 7:22, Jesus declares that many people who seem to be doing the work of the Lord will stand before Him on judgement day and be told that their efforts were meaningless because they were not known by Him.

I find this passage very meaningful not only for those trying to play the game hoping it gets them to heaven but for those of us doing ministry for impure reasons.

We live in a world where the bigger your ministry is the better you look. With fast growth comes speaking engagements with large churches comes recognition. But what is our motivation for growth. Is it our own self esteem that needs boosting or  is it to be found that all that we have gone through has been worth it. Maybe it is because we seek the perceived riches and lifestyle that go along with the stature of a big time player in the ministry.

Why are you doing ministry? If it isn’t in the response to the grace you have been given and with the desire to further the Kingdom then it may be time to re-examine.

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