Can’t Say?

One of the downfalls of the church is that there are always nay-sayers among you. I recently posted about preaching our services a couple weeks back and I am still getting feedback from church members. Most of it is positive but I heard something last night that made me snicker.  There is a group, a small group, of people that have said that I talk about things that should not be mentioned in church.  I am wondering what that might be.  I have a process and have outlined that here but I wonder if the people who say such things really mean they don’t want to be confronted.

I personally feel that as long as you keep from talking about topics that won’t make mothers cover their children’s ears then everything else is fair game.  Some have said I get too personal and open. I challenge that and say that preachers don’t get personal enough.

I have long been told that a pastor has to keep a profesional distance from his congregation. That doesn’t seem right to me.  How can you knowingly put distance between you and someone and then expect them to trust you.  I understand there are some boundaries but I put myself in the place as being one of the people who just happens to have been called to lead them. I open my heart and talk about my shortcomings my fears my hopes and my dreams. Most of our people appreciate that. People like to know that their leadership gets what they are going through. They respond better when they know that the person they are following is living a Christian life that is met with  struggles and hardships just like they are.  I get personal in the pulpit and I intend to stay that way it seems to have been working so far why change now.

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  1. Paul wrote letters confessing how he had to personally battle lust, a confession he wouldn’t be able to respond personally or clarify any misconceptions. I think the example you’re describing for ministry and church leadership is a biblical one.

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