So today is my B-day. It is always interesting when my B-day falls on a Friday because I am always asked about being named Jason and being born on Friday the 13th. I had a toy chainsaw I would whip out years ago but I wound up losing it in a move.

Anywho… I wound up getting some great swag.  Including

A new pair of black Chuck Taylors-which I have been eyeing for awhile
2 AreoPostale Tee’s 
A new UNC Tee
And five new books- Cha-ZOWN
                                           Faking Church
                                           Life Beneath the Surface
                                           Not a Safe God
                                           and……I can’t remember right now….
But most importantly was what my wife got me…..
A brand new 50” Plasma TV
Yes I was excited. 
Yesterday I got to take a day off and was able to get away by myself and that was cool and then I hung with my bud Colt til late las night which hindered me from getting to work on time. Tonight my wife is taking me on a secret date so I am jazzed about that. It turns out 27 isn’t so bad so far. Alot like being 26 !!


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  1. Happy Birthday Jason! The big screen TV is awesome. My wife just got me one this past Christmas with a blue ray player. Love it! Enjoy and have a blessed birthday guy!
    P.S. your twitter today was really funny. I laugh when I think about it the Jason mask.

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