Do Not Disregard

Leviticus 10 sets up a sobering scene.  Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu were offering incense to God, problem was that they were doing it incorrectly.  God was extremely displeased and responded by immediately striking them dead without warning.  Furtehrmore he forbid Aaron and his other sons to participate in mourning for their fallen loved ones.  They had to show that they were in aggreement with what the Lord had done.

This is an incredible story. How many pastors today are doing things in their church out of selfishness and pride. How many have overlooked what is pleasing to God at the cost of His church. What about plain old Christians. I know so many people who have blamed God for their children’s death when in all actuality if their child had been living a life that was acceptable to God more than likely they would not have been in the situations that led to their death.  Could we show total acceptance of God’s will in those situations. It makes me wonder and pause to evaluate where I am at in my walk with our Lord. 

I like Moses’ summation of these events.  In short Moses reminded Aaron that God had said to never disregard His commands.  That was the command and the warning. God had a one and done policy. I am thankful that when I screw up I receive grace. How about you?

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