A LooK Back and a Look Ahead….

As the new year approaches I am waxing nostalgic. I want to look back at the major things that happened.

It was very hard when I was offered a job after a year of searching and then being led on only to be
told that I wasn’t going to be hired after all. I cried a lot but in the end it was probably for the best
After all the drama that went on I found a job closer to home and made the big move to Greenville SC.
I will admit I was never as excited about this job as I was for the one in Charleston but I am beginning
to see a grand future here at Reedy Fork. God is slowly putting pieces in place and I can’t wait to see
what it looks like when done.
I have NEVER lived anywhere but Rock Hill and it has been interesting living away from family and
friends. Challenging at times yes but also very freeing.
I relish in blessings. I have had so many doors opened since I got here in Greenville. From Christian
Release time to Band Camps to Mentoring groups God just keeps expanding my influence. I went from
seeing 5 teenagers on our Wednesday night services to 20. I had 20 teens at my first Lock in I had 44
at the last. I am developing a Evangelism strategy that is drawing interest.
I rediscovered my Love for reading this past year. i have probably bought and read parts of close to
60 books this year. That doesn’t even count the Bible studies I have done. I had gone years without
reading much and wonder why I waited so long. I have to thank Tony Smith and Lee Clamp for the
words they shared with me in interviews back in 2007 that pushed me back into the habit of reading.

While all these are Good there are things I am eagerly anticipating in the new year.

It has been hard operating in a church with no pastor. The leadership that I have come so dependent
on is not there. Communication is lacking. People are disconnected. Church leadership is scattered. I
look forward to God bringing in a man to take us to the next level. One who is evangelistic, a visionary,
a Developer of people, is forward thinking but also who is a care giver and recognizes the value of
everyone person to the kingdom of God.

I eagerly await the pouring out of God’s blessings as we begin to reach out to our community. I hope
to see lives being changed because of our church.

I am hooked again and I have a reading list a mile long. I would actually like to finish some of the
books I have bought.

I am a people person and I am lacking some close friendships here in Greenville. I am praying for God
to bring another young family into our lives to have a friendship with. It would be good for me as well
as my wife.

2009 is going to be an awesome year I can feel it and I am sooooo ready for the Blessings God will pour out

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