An open letter to someone Codenamed: success

Dear Success,

I have watched from a distance as your life has unfolded over the past year. It was a life that early on held such promise for immediate greatness. Unfortunately that potential has not been reached. I have watched as you have become the antithesis of what I hoped you would become.

I thought you had made it you were one I thought really understood what we had worked so hard to achieve. You grabbed hold to the ideals that were proclaimed and seemingly made them your own. Alas it has not come to be as such. Quite oppositely you have taken the opportunity to spread your wings as a chance to abandoned the values I thought you held dear and become exactly what I hate the most.

I have watched so many of my friends become what you are now. Clinging to temporary pleasures and appeasing your fleshly desires. You a re now no more than a common fly resting in the place where you belong the least.

I cannot begin to express the pain that the disappointment has brought me over the previous months. I must confess that your actions have caused me to question if my life’s work really matters at all. I have wondered if it was worth the time effort and agony. I have wondered if maybe I should walk away. Surely there is something easier and more profitable that I could be doing.

Success you know I love you. You have been a treasure to me for many years. As time has passed our relationship has changed and I gladly and proudly call you friend. And it is for that reason alone that I have not boldly stood before you with the confrontation that I so badly want to present you with. I know that will simply end our friendship. That it will, at best, cause a rift that will last a long time.

Success I pray daily that you will realize the error of your ways. I have tried to release my mind from the circumstances that you so proudly boast about. I have tried to let go. I can not. It is not my nature.
And so I will continue to carry a burden in my heart. A brokenness that I cannot repair. With great anticipation I await the day when God brings you back to the place that I know you need to be. I can only hope this is a phase that it will pass but I know that once the devil has a hold it is difficult to get him to let go.

Success be careful. I am here for you. I still hold out hope that you will be a story of success. I desperately pray that I do not have to write to you under your new name…..Failure

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