Office Life

Around 6 months ago when I left Rock Hill, SC and moved to Greenville, SC I knew that there would be some adjustments that had to be made. The first was I was going to be shouldering a lot more responsibility in my new position and new church. I did not know that I would lose my pastor the day I started. I did not know that our secretary would retire when the pastor did. I did not know how different a smaller church would be in the office.

This time of year when I am in the office more than usual I get very lonely. It is me and the secretary here for about half the day and the other half I am here alone. It gets quiet and I admit I get bored. Especially since I had gotten used to working in an office with three secretaries, a pastor, and associate pastor, a administrator and a children’s pastor. Not to mention the staff from our children’s camp/ school.

I like being around people. I like to talk, engage in group think. I think churches grow best when a group of leaders is taking time to dream and think out loud. Ideas get born from these times and begin to grow and take shape. People play off each other and as the idea gets batted around it begins to become a growing living organism.

I miss that.

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  1. Loneliness is hard. I remember when we first moved to the place we’re living now, I sat on the floor of an empty room of our beautiful new home — and I just cried. I desired relationship. I don’t know you, but I’ll say a pray for you just now. …

    I think it must be even harder for a pastor, who people may hold at a distance (unfairly) and on a pedestal (also unfairly).

    God bless you as you make connections with folks. I anticipate great things for you!

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