COnsistency reminded

I posted a while back about how I felt that in ministry “consistency” was a key sticking point.  I have been reminded of that today.

This week I was supposed to host a mission team but I have not heard from their leader for two weeks now. I don’t expect them.

I don’t know what burns me more 1. the fact they committed and yet failed to follow through 2. Never canceled just waffled and said they were having a rough time 3. Are just going to not show up.

Too me that is just wrong. I would feel so embarrassed if I ever pulled that. Now I will forgive that person but I will never be able to put much faith in their word again.

I am planning a mission trip for the summer and Mike if you read this you had better believe that this has taught me to bring my A game.

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  1. It’s always interesting to consider why someone is inconsistent. I believe I find myself in that place from time to time. What happens in this case? Is it the same for everyone? Just makes me think, wonder.

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