I have been doing a good bit of reading here lately and I found a line in a book that brought a heap of ideas and thoughts into my mind.

As we read through the Bible it is very apparent in the New Testament that the apostles cared very little about politics.

Lets compare issues

Today abortion- the apostles lived in a culture where babies were sacrificed to pagan gods daily and yet they organized no protests to put an end to it.

Today radical extremism- the followers of the way were burned at the stake and fed to the lions….how is that for extreme and yet they did not organize anti-religion rallies nor cry out for the heads of the leaders of those pagan ways.

Today economy- As far as I know taxes were exorbitant in the Bible days. People had nothing left to give in some cases you dont see any marches on the capitol or cries for the government to do more.

Today Homosexuality- Paul called it wrong but there were no demands that Caligula be ousted because of his homosexual escapades.

What did the apostles do. They spread the word. They loved on people they lived unwaveringly. Something I think we as Christians need to focus more on rather than becoming political activists spewing what we think should be.

If it should be and it isnt then we aren’t doing something right and I wager that that something is living out our lives the way Christ lived out his….with love. Love changes all. It draws everyone to itself.


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