Office Days

It now has been 6 weeks without a pastor and while we have an interim it feels very strange to be in the ofice and not have that connection with the other staff.

In my last two churches I was very close with the pastor and staff and spent a good bit of time with them. Here not so much. I mean everyone is nice and civil but everything seems compartmentalized. Everyone has their ministry and they are going off and doing it there is no centralized focus or vision or buy in or direction.  I am not used to this at all and it is driving me bonkers. 

I can remember when I served at Emmanuel Baptist from 2003-2006 as the PT Youth and Worship Pastor that I would take extended breaks from work just to stop in and sit and talk ministry with the pastor and his wife and the ministry assistant.  I can remember spending hours after church chatting with elders and other pastors on staff. When I was at Oakdale Baptist as the Middle School Minister I went to lunch with a pastor at least once or twice a week and we spent the time planning and vision casting and what not.  That doesn’t happen here and so office time is very boring and dull.

I am an active person and dullness drives me crazy. Usually what I do to bear it is find some manual labor to occupy my time so that I feel like I got something accomplished. I may go get some chairs to take upstairs here in a bit….

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