Sporadic at best

I am at best a sporadic blogger.

At least for the time being.

The truth is I am getting closer and closer to starting a new ministry position and I have no doubt (should time permit that I will have much more to think about.

Today what is on my mind is the same thing that has been on my mind for two weeks now, MOVING. I am packing up my house and venturing into all the corners that have long been forgotten and neglected by myself and my family. I have found some very interesting things as well as some odd and disgusting things.

I have wondered as I reflected on this phenomenon, if that is the way our lives become. As we neglect our spiritual side do we collect cobwebs. As we ignore our shortcomings, or worse, outright sins and try to hide them in the recesses of our minds do they cause more and more damage that we can’t detect. Until one day we are attacked by a problem.  Is this what happens to so many pastors who fall and fail spiritually. We must be on guard constantly and keep our corners clean and tidy.

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