This blog was SUPPOSED to be here

I was supposed to be posting a youtube video of my last worship set with the youth praise band at our church. It was an amazing day but alas my friend forgot the camera so I have no video.

I have been working with this group off an on over two years amounting to the sum of about 16 months.  These last 4 or five months I have trained an adult leader to be the  new guitar player  a high schooler to be the new bass player and refined the middle schooler that I had taught drums into a more consistent musician and two middle school students to backup me up singing.

Sunday morning was my masterpiece. My pastor told me that. After I thought about it it made sense. A masterpiece is a culmination of all one’s work, effort, sacrifice and energies into one great work. And Sunday certainly was. I saw a group of 5 people not counting myself do something that five months ago would have been impossible. THey came together with one voice and one sound and lead God’s people to the throne in worship. It was AWESOME. I can’t brag on them enough. I was so proud I literally was shaking, the regular worship leader was so impressed with our drum he asked him to join the adult band next week.

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