Words That I Over Use – Consistency

When I talk to my ministry volunteers one of the things I try to communicate is the need for consistency.  If there is one thing that everyone hates it is the unknown.  When you commit to do something you had better see it through until the end if you start a program you MUST let it play out. Anything less will be seen as flakiness especially if you back out numerous times.

I can remember, when i was interning, youth would come to me and complain about not ever knowing what was going on because we would start new programs or classes all the time only to cancel them due to poor participation or a leader backing out. But by canceling the class we were establishing a reputation of inconsistency and like so much else in their life we were just another disappointment to the students.

If we are to reach a lost generation we must gain their respect and trust and to do that we must be consistent in all that we do. As the old saying goes “say what ya mean and mean what ya say”

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