Side Track- A little more about me

I have endeavored not to be too personal on this blog but I will take a side track here and let you in on some of my life.

Currently I am around 6 1/2 months into a job search. The past six months have been tumultuous at best. Multiple interviews leading to dead ends or false hopes or having to make the tough decision to say “No”.  That last one has been especially hard, it is always hard to turn down a position when you are out of work. But ministry is so much more than work it is a calling and to go somewhere just to say you are somewhere can lead to terrible ruin.

Most recently I have had a horrible let down having accepted a position and being as excited as I had been in a very long time only to have the church back out due to internal issues. It hurt and was very disappointing. But God knows where he is taking me and I trust Him.

If you have come across my blog I hope you have found it interesting and helpful. I also hope you come back.

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