Words That I Over Use- Evangelism

Evangelism, say this word to some church members and they immediately think of Billy Graham. Too many people believe that they have no role in evangelism.  A big part of the ministry I try to do is reaching out drawing people who have never had an encounter with Christ. BTW that is my definition of evangelism.

Churches today seem to be satisfied with growth. I take a closer look at growth. Sure you may have had 100 people join the church this year  but if only 5 or 10 of those were salvations then all you have accomplished is being more appealing than that church across town.  recycling church members does little for the Kingdom of God. There are those rare occasions when changing churches sparks something inside someone to do more for God but again that is rare.  Normally these recycled church members wind up running away at the first sign of something they don’t like.

I have heard pastors say that they prefer to emphasize discipleship over evangelism. But in my mind we disciple people TO evangelize. Evangelism is the end game going and spreading the word to those who haven’t heard it.

Up Next- Consistency

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