Not Ashamed

WARNING!! : This post is directed towards the students involved at Reedy Fork Baptist Church and any other teenagers that might be reading

So it is finally here, at least it will be here tomorrow. The beginning of the next school year. As summers go this one was pretty good. Our youth ministry had some great things happen over the summer. We had some great memories and made some important decisions. We will look back on this summer as being pretty great. But what now? Will we forget about those times? Will we box them up an save these past three months of memories for ourselves and those who experienced them with us? Or will we walk boldly into school and let everyone know how awesome our summer was?

I have already had one student tell me that they never told people that didn’t go to our church that they were going to church. It made me think. As I thought about it I had a question come to mind so I tweeted it.

? of the day: Are you ashamed to tell people you are a Christian because of what they might think of you OR what they might expect of you?

It is a question we all need to answer. If we aren’t telling people about our involvement with church then we are probably not telling people about our relationship with Christ. So I thought some more and remembered a verse. So I tweeted it.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, Romans 1:16a

Paul understood the power of the cross and the importance of Christ. He was not ashamed of it, quite the opposite he was proud of it. Paul was bold and excited about his experience and he set the world on fire for God.

As you go back to school the only thing that is holding you back from making an impact is yourself and your priorities. I can promise you being a bold Christian is tough but it is not nearly as bad as it sounds. God didn’t call us to be  jumping up on tables at school and preaching a sermon.

But what he did call us to do is to love Him and to acknowledge Him.  When you are asked, tell your friends that you spent a lot of time with your church youth group this summer. Tell them you  learned a lot about yourself and God and feel closer to Him.  Tell them that it made such a difference in your life that they should come check out your youth group. Maybe it is Wednesday night or Sunday Morning or a 5th Quarter it doesn’t matter tell them and stop denying Him.

The power to reach your friends does not lie within your youth pastor or Sunday School teachers or Pastor. The power to reach your friends has been given to you. Don’t be weird about it. Let it come naturally allow the Spirit to open those doors. You should go to school everyday asking God to give you a chance to tell others about Him.  But be ready, if you ask He will provide and don’t think He won’t.

I believe that we stand on the edge of something really great in our community. God wants to use you. Will you let Him?

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