What was I saying?

What was I saying? Where was I? Ummm. Those are common phrases for me in the course of a day. No matter how important my activity I always got lost or off track. I would always joke “It is my ADHD” but even though I said I was ADHD I never did anything about it. One of the reasons for that was that I had attached a stigma to the disorder and the medication to treat the disorder. As far as I was concerned I had made it this far with no medication I didn’t need it.

The senior classes started….

Large amounts of reading and writing were insurmountable tasks. I got worried …really worried.

I began researching ADHD and I discovered just how wrong I had been and as I read up on symptoms and took tests I realized just how wrong I had been about this disorder. There were three areas that I recognized in myself  that I never associated with ADHD. Like many people I assumed that ADHD meant I could’t sit still or pay attention but it is so much more than that. Here are the three factors that pushed me over the edge.

Sleeplessness- I have struggled for years to go to sleep. As my head hits the pillow my mind floods with all the things that are going on in the week and all the problems I can not figure out how to solve. Turns out this is a hyperactivity symptom and is fairly common.

Impulsivity- Regardless of if it was shopping or acting on a decision I see I want or like I react and go all in.

Stubbornness- The most common criticism I get from most people is I am stubborn.  Apparently it is a symptom. But the thing about this symptom is not that people with ADHD are jerks and inconsiderate but rather they see a problem think through it and arrive at a conclusion and they move towards it. It is thta they don’t care but their minds have locked in on an idea and they can’t be easily swayed.

After learning all this I made an appointment with the doctor.  After two months on Adderall I notice a marked difference and benefits.

Later this week I will post some thoughts on the benefits

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