Acquire the Fire 2010

It is Monday morning and along with the typical spiritual hang-over I am also trying to sort out all the thoughts in my head from our trip to Acquire the Fire. Let me run down some thoughts that are circulating off the top of my head.

  • We tripled our attendance from this time last year. Last year we took five people, three adults and two youth. This year we took 14!! That broke down to 4 adults two college students and 8 youth.
  • We don’t argue with the instructions on a hair dryer. If it says don’t use underwater cause it might kill us we don’t say that we can do whatever we want and they can’t tell us how to live. But when God tells us to stay away from sin we get upset.
  • “Sin is like chocolate covered feces” The speaker actually had shirts with this on it. The point being that we can dress sin up and on the outside it looks smells feels and if we get just a taste it doesn’t seem so bad but if we bite off a mouthful we are in for a rude surprise.
  • I have a new hero Nick Vujicic …. Words cannot explain how awesome this man is for hios story go to
  • We have bought into the Lies that this world has told us and if we continue to believe them we will never be who God called us to be.
  • Thousand Foot Krutch is awesome…. I love intense rock and they put on a great concert.
  • I am a sucker for a “daddy and his daughter story” and they had not one but too heart wrenching stories this weekend. I couldn’t keep my eyes dry.
  • If you want to see Human depravity and the evil of the heart demonstrated take two toddlers and one toy and lock them in an empty room and wait…..the evil WILL come!
  • We stand at the gates of Hell redirecting traffic…that is our job. When you stand at the gates of Hell it will get hot!!
  • I have a new band to love go check them out….NOW!!
  • There is something special about seeing your youth group standing side by side tears streaming down their faces arms lifted to Jesus in praise and worship complete forgetting about who else is around them.
  • I can’t wait to go next year!! I hope we triple again!! We had to rent a van this year wouldn’t be awesome to have to rent THREE!!

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