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A good friend was asking about what websites and resources I use in ministry. I honestly get a lot of creative stuff off  the internet and it is such a blessing to be doing ministry in a world where resources are readily available. After our conversation had gone on he suggested I do a blog. So here it is


Adobe Photoshop Elements– I use this to do all my own logo work/ graphic work. I picked up the older version off ebay at a bargain bin price still sealed in the box

Koyote Free FLV Converter- I just found this. It is for downloading videos off of sites like youtube and will save it to you computer. It is a free download from the Koyote website.

E-sword- This is a free bible study software complete with concordance dictionary several commentaries and multiple versions of the Bible available for free add on. It also offers certain material add-on’s for a small fee. Available for download via the E-sword website

Open Office– For those of us who cannot afford to purchase Microsoft Office Open office is a great alternative. It offers a document writer, spreadsheet, database and presentation software. There is no publisher which is a downside but it is all free available for download from the Open Office website

Google Chrome- I love this browser!! Simple clean and functional free from google


First the obvious ones You can seriously find ANYTHING on Google. Just type it in it isn’t that hard. Some of you may think this is silly for me to list this but you have know idea how many people say that they cannot find or do something I can google it and have what I need in mere minutes. whether it be a brush for Photoshop or a manual for a piece of equipment laying around I can usually find it. As with Google, you can find almost anything on YouTube. I get videos for worship and for sermons as well as silly video that I use in all in our Youth service on Wednesday nights This is the numer one communication tool I have. I have more facebook contacts in my church than I have email addresses. If I need to get the word out I use facebook. If you aren’t using it then…. well you need to.

Now for some lesser known If you are antsy about downloading freeware to your computer this is a great online option.  Here is the main reason I use it. I don’t always have internet when I am teaching/speaking somewhere and if I want to have a video I am going to need it on my hard drive. This has been one of my most valuable resources is similar but has more downtimes. Once you have Photoshop then you need some “brushes” to make the graphics you want. This is where I find all of mine. I may not always find exactly what I am looking for but I usually find something suitable. is a good site as well This site is amazing and I use it all the time. If you need a lesson or a game or even a release form this is the place to go. It literally has THOUSANDS of resources available for FREE. It has saved my butt many a time at the last minute When I really want a funny YouTube video this is where I turn. It breaks things down out of the vastness of the YouTube realm and gives me a slimmer set of options when I don’t have time to  muddle through countless videos trying to find one suitable for our service

Well those are my picks and I am sure there are some I have forgotten but hopefully those will help you out.

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  1. You should also have a look at SSuite Office for a free office suite. They have a whole range of office suites and other software that are free for download. 😀

    Their software also doesn’t need to run on Java or .NET, like MS Office and so many open source office suites, so it makes their software very small, efficient, and easy to use. 🙂

    You may try these links for more info:

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