00’s In Hindsight

It is amazing to me that the decade is coming to a close. I decided to look back at what all has transpired this decade

2000 I met and started dating my wife

2002 I accepted an internship at my home church and  I married my wife and left college

2003 I became a father to twins, I accepted my first church as a Part Time minister and was ordained

2006 I left my first church and returned to my home church to take a position, My wife graduated college, I became a father to a beautiful baby girl

2008 I took my first Full Time position and relocated my family to Greenville

2009 went back to school to finish my Religion degree.

By the numbers

10 jobs 7 residences 3 kids 1 graduation…..countless memories

I am very excited about the next decade and all the joys and challenges it will bring.

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