The Future

What is the one thing essential to the survival of our civilization? What one thing if left uncared for and ignored will result in a complete and utter destruction of everything we have worked to accomplish? The answer is CHILDREN. If a society does not care for and raise up children with values and integrity then the future of the society itself is in danger. So is the case of the church. The church today in most places is exceedingly aging. And while our adults and senior adults are valuable and still have a lot to give we must look toward the future and remember that when we are gone someone has to continue the work. Accept this is no ordinary work this is the honoring of our God and the salvation of souls. If you look around the congregation at Reedy Fork on a Sunday morning you will notice that there is a terrible lack of children and young families in our ranks. And contrary to belief it is not because they are hidden away in children’s church or nursery or somewhere else. It is because they are not here at all. It is an epidemic that is slowly chiseling away at the fabric of our future.

So what is the solution? First, leadership must ask themselves “WHY”. Several weeks ago I sensed that things were declining in youth group on Wednesday nights and I had to take a tough look at what I was doing. I had to be critical of myself and it hurt. I had to make changes to things that I had all planned out and was quite satisfied with but I knew it had to change. We too need to take that same look churchwide whether it be in youth or children’s ministry or in our worship service or any other ministry we must ask the tough questions. Second we need to encourage our families to be here. Note the wording there is encourage and not scold. Fussing and fuming and condemnation will not bring people back into our fold only love, care and concern will. Thirdly if you are a young family reading this YOU need to be here. There is nothing more important than your commitment to God and His church and allowing yourself to drift into the apathy of casual church attendance will do nothing but harm to your relationship with God. I understand that the world is enticing you with all the wonders of what it has to offer but there comes a time when you have to make the decision that God is most important above all and that time is now.

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