What if? Part 2

  • WHAT IF the early church had decided their primary responsibility was to be political, thus organizing protests against the Roman government for occupying their land?
    • Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!  One of my pet peeves this past year has been Christians whining about the government and talking about how bad Obama is and how we need good Christian men in power. The problem is power always corrupts and there is no one on this planet that will right the government. Abortion, prostitution, alcoholism, homosexuality and pornography will not be stopped by laws. It will be stopped when the people of God look beyond the walls of the church and begin teaching and reaching people with the message of Christ. (and I dn’t mean the “get out of HELL free card” message) I mean the message that Christ is this radical life changing experience that turns you inside out and you are never the same. This country was founded on Christian principles but it happened because there were enough people that said you know we need to live differently and those people were motivated by it. We can’t get people motivatd to show up on Sunday morning in our church why are we surprised when they don’t care about moral decay.  We have been in a fight to change the world politically for decades and all we have accomplished is losing more and more ground.  An example of this is played out locally, I have seen a couple who spend their days protesting abortion at a busy intersection.  They cary signs that say “Stop Abortion Now” and carry baby dolls in a stroller and strapped to their chests. But I have to wonder how much change they are bringing about. It is hard for me to believe that some pro- choicer riding down the road sees them there and say to themselves  ” Their right”.  What if the time taken to protest was used to love on people by taking care of them, helping them sharing with them. And I don’t mean knocking on doors telling them they are going to hell but living a life that is filled with the fruits of the Spirit ( yet another coming blog post) that showed people that there was more to this world and this thing called Christianity. Then maybe people would begin to turn back to God and when we are in line with God everything else will fall into place.


  1. “I have to wonder how much change they are bringing about.” I agree with you, and I do not think the “protestors” are accomplishing much for the Kingdom of God. Over the years, our church has been known for speaking and interceding for the unborn, and we’ve done it in many ways – some good, some questionable. Most recently, we’ve stood in front of the women’s center and prayed silently. No signs. No yelling. No baby dolls. No stopping cars as they drive in. Just praying. We did this weekly for about a year. One rainy Saturday, only one teenage girl showed up to pray. She felt discouraged and useless, but still prayed as the cars pulled into the clinic. One of the cars pulled back out and the young lady driving rolled her window down and asked our pray-er to come over. She did reluctantly. This usually meant somebody wanted to scold or curse us. This time, the driver was crying said that she had come for an abortion but as she drove in and saw my friend praying, she “heard” the Lord tell her that He had a plan for her baby. We don’t know who the young lady is, but by now she probably has a baby that wouldn’t have been there if we hadn’t dedicated time to public prayer for the unborn.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think we are more effective by living righteously and training our children to do so and by sharing an authentic Gospel. I just wanted to say that I’ve had to tone down my dislike and disregard for people who don’t do it my way. While I don’t agree with their methods, (I wouldn’t stand in front of the clinic if there were protestors there with the nasty pictures of aborted fetuses) I guess we each have to follow what we feel God has called us to do the best we know how. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction!

  2. Now that is world changing it show a care without condemnation and a hope that there is something better. “protests” get mean and that is not the side of Christ most of those women need to see at that moment.

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