What if? Part 1

Perry Noble blogged this the other day.. It hit home. So I thought it migh be good to look at these and give you my thoughts. Over the next few days I will cover each one in detail

  • WHAT IF the early church had decided to simply study what Jesus said but not apply it?
    • Wow what a statement can anyone say Sunday School and Discipleship Training? Heck even small groups and worship services fit this. When did we go from active proclaimers of the faith to lazy pew fillers?  I heard Steven Furtick say one time that the church was full of spiritually fat Christians. That we all gatehred to consume spiritual food and gorged ourselves on God’s word when there were people all around us starving and dying of starvation. And he was right. We get so worked up about getting to know deeper theological truths and that is great if the motivation is to get closer to God but  I can’t help but to believe that being closer to God means being more like God and if we are going to be more like God we are going to have a heart like God and his heart is for the Lost.  That was probably a run-on sentence but I do not care.  For at least a generation the church has turned a blind eye to this phenomenon and we are suffering the consequences now.  Sunday morning I turned around from our front row seat with the youth and looked back and counted the empty rows. I then added all the rows with three or less people. I couldn’t see all the rows but I counted 30 rows. 30 ROWS!!! And what really gets me is not that it is our church but so MANY churches across the land that are empty on the day that we are to be rejoicing about what God has done.  We have to take a LoNG look at what we are doing as churches and decide if it is for God’s glory or for something else

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