Back Home

I will be heading back home to Rock Hill today to prepare for the family get together we have every year for the twins birthday. While I am there tonight I will get the chance to reunite with some good friends.

Tim Fowler was the pastor at the first pastor I actually worked under as a full fledged staff member. Under him I learned and grew and developed aspects of my ministry that have been extremely helpful. He taught me to never back down, to never take things at face value and to continuously grow myself as a minister and as a leader. Later after I moved from his church he and his wife became great outlets that I could unload on when the ministry was getting hard and burdensome.  We have not seen each other since May and I am excited to share with him all the things that have been happening and to hear what God has been doing in his life and ministry as well.

Also if you are cruising blogs check his out on my blogroll…

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