6 years

Six years ago today my wife gave birth to two beautiful children, one boy one girl. We named them Kelsey and Isaac. For some reason we always call Kelsey’s name first even though Isaac was born a minute sooner. I don’t know why. Over the last 6 years we have had many ups and downs. From financial troubles to working two jobs with a wife in school to Kelsey’s terrible threes when she would through huge screaming fits in the car when she didn’t get her way, to being out of work and looking for a new place to call home for my ministry to big moves and new experiences. The last six years have been a series of major changes, changes I would not trade for the world.

It is bittersweet to arrive at this point my firstborn are no longer babies or tots they are children , growing smarter and more adventurous every day. I miss them being little I do not miss them having temper tantrums. I love them with all my heart and pray for them every day. I wonder what they will become I hope that they will make great choices. I wan to hold them here in this moment for forever….but alas I cannot.

Kelsey and Isaac I love you and Happy Birthday!!

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