MAn time flies

This time of year is hectic and I havent had a chance to blog.

Some interesting things that I am carrying over from the last post.

I went to a couple of sessions with Brock Morgan as the speaker. I absolutely loved that guy he was very open and honest about the burden he had felt over what youth ministry has become in this country. He encouraged us to look at what we were doing and see if it actually was producing teenagers who were real Christians, real disciples as modeled in the New Testament. He floored me. He was able to express some things in words that were eating me in the pit of my stomach and I could not get out.

As a result of his lectures I have become more intent on getting deeply rooted in the school system. Not as an agenda to grow my “church” or “youth group” but as a way to actually change the world around me. But not only have I been more intent I have seen God opening doors. This past week while I was at the school for lunch I was asked to become part of a mentoring group. I attended and was able to spend some time with some guys that I could tell had some real problems they were facing. It was an incredible feeling. I cannot wait to see what God has in store.

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