So Much

I am sitting in the DoubleTree Hotel in Nashville and I am enjoying the serenity of the simplistic sounds of the keys tapping and the computer fan running. The noise from outside has been masked by the walls and I have sometime to digest what is going on….what God is saying to me.

So far we have had-

Francis Chan challenge us to lead our people to being the reborn church of Acts. A church that was absolutely unstoppable and with followers and members who were fanatical.

Chap Clark challenge us that ministry the way it has been done is like a nice picture that has been dropped and the frame been glued back together…it is time to reframe.

Shane Claiborne challenge us to love people unconditionally and serve others compassionately

Tony Campolo challenge us to abandon the consumerist mindset and lead our churches in a anti-fragment move. To get the church working as a community to reach their communities.

Andrew Martin challenge us to rethink how we deal and treat gay and lesbian people. That their sin is not one that can just be quit and may never be completely undone. That it’s scars run deeper than most of us can imagine.

Jim Burns challenge us to reassess our marriages and work towards making them more intimate.

Mark Yaconelli challenge us to slow down and allow God to show us Himself

Then Francis Collins challenge us to allow science and faith come together….although I have some problems with his interpretations

It is so much to process and I hope to be able to post more later and more details my mind is racing right now with the things I want to do with the church back home.

Until later

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