This past Weekend

I went back to my hometown and relaxed for a while. Some may ask why with three days off I chose to go hang with my parents again. Actually sometimes I wonder if people around here are wondering if I really want to be here because I go home so much.

The honest truth is that if I go anywhere other than home with my fam I get more stressed because I am always worried about the kids.  If I go home I can walk into either of our parents houses and plop down on the couch and the kids are taken care of. Gamma and Pop and Mimi and Pop Paw envelop the kids when I walk in and I don’t worry about them tl we leave.  So three days of that was good. I was also able to drop in on some friends while we were there and hang at my home church for a bit. That was nice. To be at church with no one clamoring for your services or attention or demanding ou do anything…always fun.

Now I am back and refreshed and rearing to go. Looking forward to the fall programs.

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