I am currently running myself ragged. The fall schedule has been tough so far…actually it has been the summer schedule and Back 2 School schedule that has really gotten me. This week promises to be easier. I do not have to teach and I do not have a 5th Quarter to do and at the end of the week I am going back to my hometown to chill for a few days.

All in all I things are going well. I am increasingly amazed at the opportunities God is giving me to minister in the community. I am also increasingly amazed at how few churches are really ministering to the schools in this area.  It is obvious to me why I am here. It is such a mission field and the laborers are very few. I come from a school of thought that the church should bend over backwards to love and support the community and that is something that is very needed here.

I am excited about what is coming and what God is doing but right now I am excited about vacation LOL

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