God’s Will

Here is a recap of the the series on God’s will that we have been doing

Week 1- Finding God’s Will- Ex 3

God’s Will is found in the ordinary

God’s Will calls to us

God’s Will is on His schedule

God will wait for us to respond to Him to reveal His will

God’s will is about Him not us

Week 2- 
Finding God’s- Will Ex 3

We must Know who God is to find His will

God’s is Compassionate

God Know’s our struggles

God is  self reliant. He does not depend on us nor anything else to exist

God Honors His promises

Week 3- God’s Will for Everyone

6 things God wants for everyone

1. To have a relationship with God

2. To fellowship with other believers (church)

3. To communicate with God (prayer)

4.To grow, not just closer to or in knowledge of God, but to grow to be more like God Himself

5.To study about God and His plan for this world (The Bible)

6. To make an Impact


Week 4- Big Dirty Mess- Mark 14:66-72

Following God’s Will is hard

Sometimes we will mess up

God’s Will is not cancelled by our mess ups

God’s Will is based  in forgiveness

God’s Will does great things with  broken people


Week 5- God’s Will Doesn’t Make sense

God’s Will Never Makes Sense- Judges 7-8

God’s will doesn’t call you to something you can do. He wants the glory for Himself not you

God’s Will is meant to make you uncomfortable

God’s Will will scare you

God’s Will will be accomplished.

We must be careful to point back to God when we succeed

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