Stirring Up Trouble

We use KNOWN curriculum from Lifeway resources for our Sunday and Wednesday youth group. I always adapt the concept and points of the Midweek lesson to make my own lesson and yet stay on point. I did that this week and it went real well so I thought I would post my outline. Essentially I only used the “5 types” portion from the KNOWN material  the rest is my own.

Our Lesson at COLLIDE Youth Worship From May 4 2011

Stirring Up Trouble

I. Daily Drama Everywhere

Adam and Eve – Adam: “It was her and You gave her to me God”  can you imagine the conversation after God left? The only two people on the planet and Adam just threw Eve under the bus.

Jesus Dealt With It-Pharisees ALL up in His grill

-Mark 2:1-12 called blasphemous

-Lk 5:29-32 caught eating with outcasts

-Mt 9:14-17 Criticized for not fasting

-Mt 12:1-8 Caught picking grain on the sabbath

Lk 6:6-11 Caught healing on the sabbath

-Mt 19:3-9 Confronted about divorce

  I Deal With It

Youth/Parents- C’mon as a Youth Pastor I can’t get away from drama

Church Members- Ever been to a church? No shortage of drama

Family- I have three children and two daughters. If I hear “DADDY SHE HIT ME” one more time

Random People- You know that lady in the grocery store that always cuts you off when you are trying to reach the mac and cheese?  Well I do!

You Deal With It

At School- You know who I am talking about and if you don’t….It’s you

At Home-  If you are not the youngest child let’s face it you are your parents experiment and they just hope they don’t screw up. Boys when you hit puberty your momma stopped knowing how to handle you. Girls when you hit puberty your daddy bought a new gun. Nuff said

At Play- Been to the mall lately? DRAMA

At Work- Wait who am I kidding? But if you do work Lord knows that there is always someone who’s grandma has died 16 times and is always claiming they got hurt on the job

II.  5 Types of Drama Mamas (Boy’s can be Drama Mama’s too. If you “give birth” to drama you is the mama)

1. The Angry Mama Prov 15:18– That person who is mad about everything they are even mad they are mad and single out anyone they can be mad at

2.The Troublemakin’ mama Prov 16:28– This person loves chaos and conflict. They just love to stir the pot and sit back and relax. Another type wants attention so bad they are always getting into trouble.

3. The Mockin’Mama Prov 22:10– Always making fun of people and things

4. The Gossip Mama Prov 26:20- They love your dirt…..mhmmm girl done gone told on ya

5. The Greedy Mama Prov 28:25– They want what they want and they do whatever they have to to get it

III. How to deal with and how not to be the Drama Mama

1. Focus Col 3:2– Set your mind on things above

2. Remember Matt 5:9– The peacemakers get the blessings…let it go and make peace

3. Be Biblical Matt 18- If you can’t avoid the drama follow the path the Bible lays out to deal with a troublemaker

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