Book Review: Urgent by Joe Donahue

My friend Joe Donahue has written his first book and in order to build awareness he has allowed me to get an advanced reading of the book in order to do a review. Now I have to say that at first I was worried about doing a review for a friend but after reading the book my fears are allayed.

Urgent is an incredible story of Joe’s life and the torment that he went through as a child. The personal and detailed account of physical emotional and sexual abuse is terrifying but captivating. I was so drawn in to the story that I could not and did not put the book down until i finished the last page.  Through highs an lows Joe weaves a tale of how God can reach those hurt and broken in our world and how God can do amazing things in your life.  He calls us to develop a sense of urgency, not primarily for others, which is what I expected in reading a book by an evangelist but rather an urgency for GOD! With this urgency developed other areas will follow suit and soon we will have a sense of urgency to do and to see God’s Kingdom come.

There is not a lot to criticize in this book as a matter of fact I can only come up with one shortcoming I saw and that is that it wasn’t enough.  No, it made it’s point but I was so captivated by Joe’s story and the miracles of God in his life and the message that I was left wishing there was more and hated that it came to and end. I have already bought a copy of the book and highly recommend it to anyone. It will bless you, convict you and encourage you all at the same time.

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  1. I so agree with you on this book. Powerful. It did indeed ignite a deeper passion in me for my Redeemer. I was taken back to the earliest days of my salvation and it stokes the embers of desire to know Him more and to share why. One dynamite book! selahV

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