A Twist on Cardboard Testimonies

We are doing a twist on the Cardboard Testimonies this Sunday as a opening in our youth service this weekend and I have had a couple people ask about it so I thought I would post instructions.

We are using the video I posted not to long ago “The Church”  to use as a backdrop.

During the first verse students will come up with a cardboard sign but instead of a “testimony” they will have a US statistic on each one I have chosen





Porn Industry Profit

The final two signs will say “In The United States” and “Last Year”

When the chorus begins one student will come up and hold a sign that says “Now’s the Time”

For the second verse I use World statistics. I chose


Deaths from hunger

Lack of Clean Water


Deaths from poverty

Number of Countries at War

Number of Non Christians

Followed by the sign “In the World”

As before on the chorus one student will hold a sign that reads “Now’s the Time”

During the bridge the students will parade to the stage with pictures of hurting people (I simply googled starving children, homeless man/woman, lonely man/woman etc etc) and stand on the stage half on one side half on the other until the end of the bridge and then when the chorus begins for the final time the student with the “Now’s the Time” comes out to center stage.

To end during the exiting stanza the students all randomly exit one by one to different exits in the building.

I hope it makes a great impact and is useful to you as well I will post a video of it later.

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