Smiling Faith

Their was a couple in attendance at NYWC that had an amazing story.  They were NYWC vets and mad the convention their getaway every year. They loved the work and the people and just loved being a part of the ministry. But this year things were different not in their attitude or desire to be there but their world was shaken when the wife went in for a routine examine only to find out that she had cancer. Personally I cannot imagine the trauma of that news nor do I want to try.  Fortunately the cancer was operable and curable they would do a simple surgery and she would not have to undergo chemotherapy.  But this did put a cloud over their trip. They debated whether or not they were going to go, ultimately deciding that they would attend and after the doctors approval they headed for Nashville.

Now the most amazing part of this story is not in their perseverance or dedication but rather what you cannot see in the written word. As I sat in the meeting room watching them tell their story I was amazed by the expression on their faces. If it had been me I know that I would have been filled with fear and sadness and that those emotions would bleed through, But not this couple.  As they told their story their eyes lit up and their faces were adorned with smiles and you could tell that they were fill not with fear and sadness but rather a great sense of joy for they knew who was in control and they knew that God would take care of it all.

I wonder what this world would be like if we could all have faith that made us smile.

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