I wrote a story….

So there was this guy who was sick, he ran into a stranger who happened to be a doctor Through conversation the man revealed his symptoms. The doctor quickly realized what was wrong and began yelling at him and told him how stupid he was and that he was doomed to die and that he should have taken better care of himself. When the man heard this (still not knowing this stranger was a doctor) he asked how he knew this. The doctor explained his occupation and the man became irritated. The doctor finally revealed that there was a cure and that the man could come  down and get it from his office. At this point the man had lost all trust in the doctor and refused to go. The doctor told him that he was going to regret the decision and that he must be some kind of idiot to turn his nose up at the help that had been offered. The man left and soon died. The doctor was at his funeral and stood over the grave. “If he had only listened” the doctor moaned “His death could have been avoided and his illness cured and I know because I had the same disease but he was too stubborn to listen”. The doctor shook his head again and walked away never realizing that it was his “bedside manner” that drove this man to mistrust his advice. If only he had shown compassion and mercy and pity for the man maybe he could have helped him understand better and saved his life.

Now reread the story but instead of “sick” or” illness” or “disease” say “sin” or “a sinner”  and instead of Doctor say “Christian”. How different would our world be if we applied that lesson to our life?

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