A moment to be proud of

I am very careful when throwing around the word “proud”. i understand that in the scope of my ministry that there is nothing that i have done of my own ability and that without God I would be nothing.  But there are moments when I recognize that God has moved and has used me and the ministry that he has me in in a way that is really touching people.  The pic above was taken earlier today at the local high school. We have fed the band there the last three years as an outreach to the high school. I get the opportunity to share a devo and a prayer with the kids and then we feed them a meal. the past two years this ministry has belonged to our church exclusively. We don’t ask for any credit or any advertisement bargains so when this flashed on the sign it was a nice surprise.  The first week is over and i am quite tired but i can say with confidence that i am proud.

PROUD of how our church people have bought into the ministry

PROUD of how the volunteers have given selflessly

PROUD of how well every day has gone smoothly

PROUD of how the students have received us.

and finally

PROUD of the God that has used me again to minister to people

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